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Fall 2022

Journey to Self-Growth (1)


 You will learn about emotional intelligence and its relation to self growth.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and use one’s emotions to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been observed that individuals with weak emotional intelligence encounter challenges in managing stress.    You will be provided with a series of monthly workshops focusing on self-growth through implementation of emotional intelligence skills: self awareness, empathy, motivation, social skills, and emotional regulation. Each monthly course will examine the relevance of a specific component in a woman's life by providing daily practical tools for improved mental health.  This event [...]

Journey to Self-Growth (1)2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

90 Day Career Diet


ARE YOU ENGAGED IN YOUR CURRENT JOB? Do you wake up every morning ready to go, or do you hit the snooze button–literally and figuratively? DOES YOUR BOSS RECOGNIZE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS? When was the last time your boss acknowledged what you do? How well did you do on your last performance review—have you even had one in the last 12 months? ARE YOU CONSIDERED INDISPENSABLE? Are you the go-to person for your boss and the team, who does whatever it takes to get things done? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE PROMOTED? Two years ago? Five years ago? Longer? [...]

90 Day Career Diet2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

Learning It All


My company doesn’t offer much in terms of formal training. How can I learn more? Keep in mind the 70-20-10 rule of thumb. Formal training accounts for only about 10 percent of development; 70 percent is from on-the-job experiences, and 20 percent is from other people, such as your boss. Learning and development occur in first-time situations and difficult challenges. Look for ways to stretch and grow by volunteering for new assignments and going outside your comfort zone. There’s nothing like a complex problem or a good crisis to accelerate your learning. Based on: Advance by Burnison, Gary. Learning [...]

Learning It All2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

Going Global


How can I improve my chances of success working in a global space? Prepare for the learning experience of a lifetime. This is full immersion into the new and different—with a full measure of challenges (personal and professional), frustrations, and adventures. It’s a given: learn all you can before you leave. But that’s only baseline knowledge. Keep your mind open, drop your biases and preferences for how things should be done, and learn the nuances of the culture, customs, and norms of doing business. Be gracious and respectful—because you’re going to make mistakes. Before leaving, know exactly what you’re [...]

Going Global2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

Tapping Your Right Brain


I’m very good at what I do. I’m the best performer on the team–and smarter than everybody else, too. But I’m not getting promoted as fast as I think I should be. Why can’t they see how valuable I am? Based on: Advance by Burnison, Gary. By becoming more self-reflective and self-aware, you’ll understand your true strengths, have the clarity to identify and work on your weaknesses, and achieve a better balance between left brain and right brain. Your left brain got you here; your right brain will take you there. An IQ of 150 is pointless if your [...]

Tapping Your Right Brain2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

Self-Awareness (1)


What is the one of the top reasons, that your career and life advancements are derailed, and how can you overcome that? Self-awareness is everything. If you are not self-aware, you will never learn, never grow, and definitely never improve. You will ignore your blind spots, overestimate your strengths, and gloss over your weaknesses. And that is a recipe for derailing your career. The cost of self-delusion is high. Research shows that people who greatly overstate their abilities are 6.2 times more likely to derail than those who have accurate self-awareness. If that isn’t a case for becoming more [...]

Self-Awareness (1)2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

Praying & Taharah Workshop


What are the rules and etiquette of prayer? “Prayer is the pillar of faith. If it is accepted, all else is accepted. If it is rejected, all else is rejected.” -The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). This workshop will walk participants through the proper way to perform prayers. Participants will learn the proper way to purify their bodies and gain spiritual purity in preparation for prayer. Participants will also learn the parts, rules, and etiquettes of prayer. As part of the workshop, participant’s recitation of Surat al-Fatihah and Surat al-Ikhlas will be assessed and corrected. By the end of the [...]

Praying & Taharah Workshop2024-02-13T12:01:25-05:00

Theological Discussion (1)


What are some practical topics of discussion in our theology? This course will allow participants to engage in discussions about the basic beliefs of Shia Muslims. The course will cover major topics from the need for having a belief system, to the centrality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) to our worldview, to the Immaculate Imams of Ahl al-Bayt and their position within our belief system. The first and most central concept in our belief system is tawḥīd; our belief in God Almighty’s oneness, justice, and other attributes. Our relationship with God should be based on our understanding of [...]

Theological Discussion (1)2024-02-13T12:01:26-05:00

Public Speaking


Are you intimidated by public speaking? Is your fear of communicating to groups of people limiting your growth and opportunity? This course will help you build the skills and awareness to overcome that. Most people are intimidated by public speaking. In fact, according to an American study, 75% of people fear public speaking more than they fear death! Perhaps it has a lot more to do with the psychology of communication then it does with the act speaking.   In this program, you will learn about and delve into strategies and tools of effective communication and how one can tackle [...]

Public Speaking2024-02-13T12:01:26-05:00

Decision Making


How do I make decisions that I don't have to clean up later? Also, how do I make decisions that lay down more track in the future so I can go faster?   How are hope and fear connected to every decision?   The importance of goal setting and how it is connected to decision making.   How to go setting supported by neuroscience.    How is piety? (God-consciousness) connected to decision-making.   Age group 18-32  Education level college/university  Background if necessary  Professional level Hajj Wissam Bazzi is an entrepreneur, author, and one of the nation's elite life and business strategists. He [...]

Decision Making2024-02-13T12:01:26-05:00
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