Our History.


The Mainstay Foundation is a collective team of individuals who came together in the beginning of 2013 to establish a foundation that can serve the advancement of the Muslim Community in the United States of America. This team has served in a host of capacities, institutions, and organizations across the nation, with the undying cause to advance, develop and build the community.

Mainstay, the term, is defined as “a very important part of something; something or someone that provides support and makes it possible for something to exist or succeed.” In order to build our community, we believe it is essential to organize as a collective, garnering our efforts and talents to help individuals grow and assist organizations in their development.

Our guiding philosophy is detailed in the document which we manage with the community titled “A Community in Motion.” This live document is a first step to involve and engage community leaders to participate in Mainstay’s effort in advancing our community.

Rooted in the Holy Quran & the Immaculates.


The following principles are the foundation for our narrative. They originate from the teachings of the scholars who expound to us the Holy Quran as derived from the Immaculates through extensive studies. It is through this precise process wherein a few essential principles are yielded which we use as groundwork for our vision as individuals and as a community.

Our Preservation.


Every individual has the unalienable right to exist and the right to life, which is granted to us by the Almighty Allah. This is not a privilege held by a few or restricted in any sense, but rather, a universal right held by all people. Therefore, it is necessary to become aware of our individual and collective rights, as protected by the law of the land. Furthermore, we believe it is imperative for us to seek to preserve the lives and security of all communities.

Our Creed.


What defines us as individuals and as a community is our faith and belief system. We believe we have to maintain our identity by building a strong and firm understanding of our creed, which stems from the Holy Quran and the Ahl-ul-bayt. At this point in time, during the twelfth Holy Imam’s occultation, we have to seek his representatives, who are the jurists, as detailed by the Islamic seminaries. The jurists are the safeguards of our creed and intellectual wealth.  

Our Community.


We play a significant role in shaping the communities we live in, as do all other members of our society. Our belief system is rich with ideas and principles. We believe our role is to be active participants in advancing and shaping the communities in which we live, and introduce the values we have learned from our Prophet and the Immaculates into the fabric of society. We come together with the true desire to coexist with one another, while preserving that which makes each and every one of us unique. 

Our Framework.


To foster and facilitate growth and progress in the Muslim Community in the United States by advancing individuals, developing organizations, and building the community.

To be proactive leaders in community building and development by being the team that focuses on planning and executing strategic initiatives that can advance the interests of the Muslim Community on all levels. 

To effectively coordinate the human and financial resources in the national community to execute necessary initiatives in specific focus areas that will advance the interests of the Muslim Community in the United States of America. 

  • Faith: What defines and drives our work are the principles of our faith, which are encompassed in understanding the meaning of the Oneness of God, as taught to us by the Holy Quran and the Immaculates 
  • Knowledge: We understand that our work must be based on ideas that stem from the Islamic seminaries and scholars who provide us with the intellectual framework, which serves as the root of all of our work.  
  • Commitment: Our commitment is to God first and foremost, and then to the Prophet and his Holy Household who are our role models and guide.  
  • Trust: One of the pillars of our teamwork is to trust in each other on all levels. 
  • Integrity: In all our transactions and interactions, internally and externally, we have to act with respect, honor, and integrity.  
  • Ambition: We believe that if we want to progress and advance, we have to continue to be ambitious and never to be complacent or content with any accomplishment. 


Accountability & Transparency

We know it’s important to you that your donation is being used effectively. It’s important to us, too. That’s why we work hard to receive the highest grades available for accountability and transparency.

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