Are you intimidated by public speaking? Is your fear of communicating to groups of people limiting your growth and opportunity? This course will help you build the skills and awareness to overcome that.

Most people are intimidated by public speaking. In fact, according to an American study, 75% of people fear public speaking more than they fear death! Perhaps it has a lot more to do with the psychology of communication then it does with the act speaking.  

In this program, you will learn about and delve into strategies and tools of effective communication and how one can tackle public speaking and become a true communicator.  

By dissecting communication and what public speaking actually is, people will come away with new skills and abilities to overcome what most people fear more than death.

Anyone who is interested in enhancing their communication skills for their life, business and career, should attend this session. To say that you are just not good at communicating is not acceptable – everyone can develop their communication skills and become better communicators.  

This session is best suited to individuals ages 17+.  

Hajj Jalal Moughania is a lawyer, lecturer, and author. He has written and translated several original works on Islam such as Grand Ayatollah M.S. Al-Hakeem’s ‘Marjaeya: A Candid Conversation’. He is the co-author of ‘The Pope Meets the Ayatollah: An Introduction to Shi’a Islam’ and author of ‘Ali: The Elixir of Love’. His most recent work is a historical narrative of the life of Imam Husayn ibn Ali, ‘Husayn: The Saga of Hope’. Moughania serves on the Board of Directors of the Mainstay Foundation – USA. He holds a doctorate in law and serves as Principal Attorney and Chief Communications Officer of ATLAW.

  • Date(s): Tuesday November 01, 2022 to Tuesday November 15, 2022 (3 weeks)
  • Time: 05:00 PM
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Where: The Innovation & Leadership Center (15170 N. Commerce Dr. Dearborn, MI 48120)

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