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2024 – Semester 2

What is Your Life Plan?


Goal Setting: Students will learn the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals. Strategic Planning: Students will learn the significance of creating a strategic plan to achieve their objectives. Career Planning: Students will gain valuable insights into career planning, skill development, and pursuing meaningful work. Reflective Practices: Students will use reflective practices, helping them evaluate their values, interests, and priorities in shaping their life plans. Lifelong Learning: Students will understand the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability Hajj Haidar Mazen is an academic educator, translator, and language consultant. He holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree [...]

What is Your Life Plan?2024-02-13T12:01:22-05:00

Knowing the Blind Spots in Your Mind


Know that You Have Blind Spots: Students will learn how to recognize their cognitive blind spots, uncovering potential biases or gaps in their thinking. Understand the Impact: Students will explore how these blind spots affect decision-making and personal and professional relationships. Stay Open-minded: Students will learn how to foster an environment of open-mindedness, encouraging a willingness to consider different viewpoints for a broader perspective. Think Critically: Students will develop critical thinking skills to assess information and perspectives systematically, reducing the influence of these blind spots. Make Action Plans: Students will develop actionable plans to proactively manage their cognitive blind spots, [...]

Knowing the Blind Spots in Your Mind2024-02-13T12:01:22-05:00

How to Get Rid of Your Beautiful Ideas


Learn Detachment: Students will learn how to acquire skills to detach from ideas, enabling open-minded exploration of alternatives emotionally. Boost Critical Thinking: Students will improve critical thinking to evaluate ideas objectively, considering practicality and relevance. Accept Feedback: Students will develop the ability to welcome constructive feedback, fostering continuous improvement. Enhance Decision-Making: Students will refine decision-making by letting go of fixed notions and adopting a rational approach. Embrace Iteration: Students will understand the value of refining ideas over time, allowing for evolution and improvement. Hajj Haidar Mazen is an academic educator, translator, and language consultant. He holds a master’s degree [...]

How to Get Rid of Your Beautiful Ideas2024-02-13T12:01:22-05:00

Negotiation and Communication


The students will learn methods of thinking to protect their interests while protecting the interest of everyone else that is involved. Hajj Wissam Bazzi is an entrepreneur, author, and one of the nation's elite life and business strategists. He has worked with high-level CEO's of Multi-Million dollar companies and is recognized in the Direct Sales industry as on of the top training experts in coaching Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, and Personal Development. Bazzi commits himself to developing and inspiring young leaders to reach their full potential and has allowed them to find their own voice. Date & [...]

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Impediments and Barriers


What kind of impediments stop a person from understanding the Holy Quran? Whether these obstacles are apparent or hidden, a person should be aware of these reasons that may stop them from acquiring the meanings of the Holy Quran. Through better reflection on these reasons, a person will be able to digest the words of God. H. Bahrelelom is a strategist, lecturer, and public intellectual. His studies under the tutelage of the professors of the Islamic Seminary, and his lectures in communities across the globe, have ranged across theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, ethics, and community development.In addition to serving as an [...]

Impediments and Barriers2024-02-13T12:01:22-05:00
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