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2023 – Semester 3

Prayers Crash Course


In this course, an emphasis will be placed on the verses and ahadith from which we have learned to pray and on the recommended acts and supplications that adorn and enhance this greatest act of worship. In this crash course, you will learn the laws governing the mechanics of prayer,the meaning behind the words, and the positions that comprise it. Every Muslim should take this course. Performing one's daily prayers is an essential part of being Muslim, so everyone needs to learn how to perform it, as well as the rules that govern it. Shaykh Rizwan Arastu is [...]

Prayers Crash Course2024-02-13T12:01:24-05:00

Journey to Self-Growth (5)


 You will learn about emotional intelligence and its relation to self growth.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and use one’s emotions to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been observed that individuals with weak emotional intelligence encounter challenges in managing stress.    You will be provided with a series of monthly workshops focusing on self-growth through implementation of emotional intelligence skills: self awareness, empathy, motivation, social skills, and emotional regulation. Each monthly course will examine the relevance of a specific component in a woman's life by providing daily practical tools for improved mental health.  This event [...]

Journey to Self-Growth (5)2024-02-13T12:01:24-05:00

Ethics Discussions


This course will help students in learning some practical topics of discussion in Muslim Ethics. This course will allow participants to engage in discussions about the ethical worldview of Shia Muslims. The course will cover major topics from heedlessness about Allah, to piety and how it should be practiced in our daily lives, to the approach and outlook a believer should have towards tests and trials. The course will begin with discussing and understanding the concept of heedlessness, as well as practical ways to remedy this ethical ailment. Heedlessness and its remedies will be a central point of concern [...]

Ethics Discussions2024-02-13T12:01:24-05:00

Understanding Performance


This class will teach you how to move out of your comfort zone and overcome challenges at the highest level. You will begin to understand the techniques necessary to avoid comfort, take risks, and conquer your goals. What “flow” is and the importance of maintaining the flow Why confidence is necessary when staying in the flow How anxiety, apathy, and boredom occur when trying to conquer a challenge How to balance challenge level and one’s skill set for the flow to occur Where flow occurs and the three levels of responsibility The eight factors of flow and the importance [...]

Understanding Performance2024-02-13T12:01:24-05:00
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