This course will give the attendee a better understanding of jurisprudence, as well as addressing the emulation of a scholar.

As a practicing Muslim you must ensure that you have done your utmost to know God’s law. Unless you can take the path of the Mujtahid, the next surest way is to do taglid of the best jurist.

In this way, you guarantee that you are free from blame vis-à-vis your duty to God because you are making your best effort to know and follow the law by relying on the top expert in the field.

This workshop gives you a sense of the depth, rigor, and authenticity of the Islamic legal system, particularly as it has developed under the auspices of Imami Shi’i scholars.

Anyone 16 and older can benefit from this session.

H. Bahrelelom is a strategist, lecturer, and public intellectual. His studies under the tutelage of the professors of the Islamic Seminary, and his lectures in communities across the globe, have ranged across theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, ethics, and community development.In addition to serving as an advisor and trustee of the Mainstay Foundation, Sayyid Bahrelelom is a strategy consultant at a DC-based research and advisory firm.

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