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Navigating The Marriage Roadmap


Gain better insight and understanding of marriage, potential conflicts and benefits. Learn how to navigate through marriage and effectively deal with obstacles, conflicts, and reap the benefits. Ilwiyyah Buthaina Bahrelelom Buthaina Bahar Alaloom, PhD LPC is a mental health counselor in private practice focusing on women’s issues and youth. Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty member in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in the Clinical Mental Health graduate online program. Date & Time  Monday: June 10, 2024 from 6:00pm – 7:30pm ET Duration: 90 Minutes Where: The Innovation & Leadership Center (15170 N. Commerce Dr. Dearborn, MI [...]

Navigating The Marriage Roadmap2024-05-16T14:51:31-04:00

Knowing the Blind Spots in Your Mind


Know that You Have Blind Spots: Students will learn how to recognize their cognitive blind spots, uncovering potential biases or gaps in their thinking. Understand the Impact: Students will explore how these blind spots affect decision-making and personal and professional relationships. Stay Open-minded: Students will learn how to foster an environment of open-mindedness, encouraging a willingness to consider different viewpoints for a broader perspective. Think Critically: Students will develop critical thinking skills to assess information and perspectives systematically, reducing the influence of these blind spots. Make Action Plans: Students will develop actionable plans to proactively manage their cognitive blind spots, [...]

Knowing the Blind Spots in Your Mind2024-04-30T15:34:09-04:00

Intro to Islamic Beliefs 1: Tawhid


The student will learn core concepts about the central tenant of Islam - Tawhid Hajj Mohamed Ali Banoon  is a practicing attorney based in Dearborn, MI. He is the Secretary of the Board of Directors at the Mainstay Foundation. Banoon has served with a number of nonprofit organizations for over several years in various capacities, where he has been using his legal and analytical skills to advance his communities. Date & Time  May 06, 2024 - July 01, 2024 at 06:00PM Duration: 60 Minutes Where: The Innovation & Leadership Center (15170 N. Commerce Dr. Dearborn, MI 48120) [...]

Intro to Islamic Beliefs 1: Tawhid2024-04-30T15:39:05-04:00

Knowing Your True Self


How to assess and implement your identity and self Sister Malak Berro is a licensed clinical therapist, with a masters degree in Social Work. Malak has been in the field for about 13 years. Her experience ranges from inpatient mental health clinics, to now having her private practice. Malak has worked with many different populations in California and has returned to this city to do outreach to our community. Her practice specializes in depression, anxiety, and family conflict. Malak’s modality is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps clients change their thoughts which influences behavior. She is also EMDR trained, which [...]

Knowing Your True Self2024-05-08T12:12:25-04:00

Building Empathy


You will learn basic skills of building empathy; understanding the differences between empathy and sympathy; active listening; nonverbal communication/attending skills; reflecting and paraphrasing; and how to embrace silence. Sayyid Ahmed Almusawi is a licensed mental health counselor who holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing in the field since 2017. He has worked with clients of all ages and currently provides therapy to older teens and adults. He moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan with his family in 2019 in order to be part of the larger Muslim community there. He is passionate about spreading mental [...]

Building Empathy2024-04-15T13:44:37-04:00

How to Get Rid of Your Beautiful Ideas


Learn Detachment: Students will learn how to acquire skills to detach from ideas, enabling open-minded exploration of alternatives emotionally. Boost Critical Thinking: Students will improve critical thinking to evaluate ideas objectively, considering practicality and relevance. Accept Feedback: Students will develop the ability to welcome constructive feedback, fostering continuous improvement. Enhance Decision-Making: Students will refine decision-making by letting go of fixed notions and adopting a rational approach. Embrace Iteration: Students will understand the value of refining ideas over time, allowing for evolution and improvement. Hajj Haidar Mazen is an academic educator, translator, and language consultant. He holds a master’s degree [...]

How to Get Rid of Your Beautiful Ideas2024-04-02T00:30:00-04:00

What is Your Life Plan?


Goal Setting: Students will learn the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals. Strategic Planning: Students will learn the significance of creating a strategic plan to achieve their objectives. Career Planning: Students will gain valuable insights into career planning, skill development, and pursuing meaningful work. Reflective Practices: Students will use reflective practices, helping them evaluate their values, interests, and priorities in shaping their life plans. Lifelong Learning: Students will understand the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability Hajj Haidar Mazen is an academic educator, translator, and language consultant. He holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree [...]

What is Your Life Plan?2024-04-02T00:25:36-04:00

Understanding Ziyara


In this class we will cover the details of a Ziyara trip. This entails the reason behind the visit, where you will be visiting, who you will be visiting, what are the expectations, what etiquette are expected and much more. Attendees will get to ask any questions they have regarding the ziyara trip. H. Bahrelelom is a strategist, lecturer, and public intellectual. His studies under the tutelage of the professors of the Islamic Seminary, and his lectures in communities across the globe, have ranged across theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, ethics, and community development.In addition to serving as an advisor and trustee [...]

Understanding Ziyara2024-03-13T21:18:39-04:00

A Blueprint for Shia Islamic Weekend School Success


School administrators will explore strategies for designing and developing a comprehensive and culturally sensitive curriculum.School administrators will gain financial management skills and learn effective fundraising strategies to support the school. School administrators will understand the process of student admission and enrollment and explore strategies for attracting and retaining students. School administrators will explore methods for fostering positive relationships with the school community, parents, and local stakeholders. School administrators will explore human resource management strategies specific to educational institutions and learn effective recruitment, training, and evaluation practices for school staff. Hajj Haidar Mazen is an academic educator, translator, and language consultant. [...]

A Blueprint for Shia Islamic Weekend School Success2024-03-05T12:52:30-05:00
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