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Drive Retreat

DRIVE 2024


DRIVE is a transformative summer experience for high school students, focused on personal growth and empowerment. Through a blend of workshops, lectures, team building exercises, and engaging activities like sports, lake adventures, and social gatherings, participants are inspired to develop a strong sense of identity and self-esteem. Campers interact with mentors while enjoying Camp Taha's scenic setting from June 20 to June 23, 2024, for a holistic journey towards physical, mental, and emotional advancement. With a mission to empower, inspire, and instill confidence, the retreat promises a fulfilling and enriching experience for all involved. More Information Who Campers: Incoming and [...]

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2023 – DRIVE Retreat


The DRIVE Retreat is intended to be a fulfilling summer experience that aims to empower high school students and instill in them a sound sense of identity that will help build their self-esteem and bring a greater sense of self-worth. The retreat centers on personal and spiritual development, providing essential lectures, workshops, and activities that aim to empower and inspire teens. Learning will be reinforced with team building exercises and interactive engagement with vetted mentors. Through deep insightful lecturing, wholesome physical activity, and engaging social gatherings, the retreat aspires to achieve a harmonious balance of physical, mental, and emotional advancement, [...]

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