the blessed month of ramadan

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iftar food baskets

Support communities across East Africa and India during this blessed month by providing families in these disadvantaged regions with vital nutritious meals. Your donation of $40 will supply families with a food basket containing essential food items such as rice, wheat, cooking oil and more. Your contributions will have a profound impact on those facing difficulty in feeding themselves and their families.

clean drinking water

In India and East Africa, women and children undertake daily journeys of up to 20km to obtain just 20L of clean, drinkable water. We strive to lift this burden by implementing water projects, including digging boreholes, installing water pumps, and laying pipelines, ensuring easy access to safe drinking water for communities in need. Your contribution of $100+ can make a significant difference by supporting one of these water projects, providing people with the essential resources they need to thrive.

Education Sponsorship

Ensuring access to fundamental primary and secondary education is vital for the cognitive development and intellectual advancement of every child. This essential foundation leads to enhanced academic and personal accomplishments. You have the opportunity to positively impact a child’s life by sponsoring their education for just $150 a year. Your contribution will not only uplift entire communities but also empower young individuals to create promising and brighter futures for themselves.

medical aid

In India, 37% of the population requires medical aid, encompassing diagnostic tests, life-saving operations, medications, and treatment interventions. Our Foundation is committed to supporting these families by providing essential medical care to enhance their quality of life. With your contribution of $40, you can provide crucial medical support to underprivileged communities, ensuring they have access to the healthcare they deserve.

student quran gift

Many aspiring madrassa students and villagers seek knowledge from the words of Allah (swt), yet they face limited access to copies of the Holy Quran. Your contribution of $5 can make a significant difference by gifting a copy of the Holy Quran to those in need. By providing this divine scripture, you will bless Muslims with guidance and fill their hearts with comfort and tranquility.

orphan eid gift

Countless children, orphaned at young ages, desire a Eid spent alongside their parents, sharing in the joy and blessings of this joyful event. Your donation of $10 can make a world of difference by sending a heartfelt gift to an orphan this Eid Al-Fitr. Join us in brightening a child’s heart with happiness and bring warmth to their Eid celebrations. 

sadaqa qurbani

Help provide families in East Africa with enough meat to enjoy a meal with essential protein. Each meat slaughter weighs between 5-8kg, providing five families with 1.25kg of meat each. With your donation of $40, you can sponsor a goat slaughter that will reach impoverished families, ensuring children and families receive the vital nutrients they need. Your contribution will nourish families and make a difference in their lives.

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