theHUB is a project of The Mainstay Foundation created and designed for American Shīʾī Muslim organizations and centers to connect, communicate, and collaborate. The online resource platform is a mechanism to facilitate and manage the National Network. Open for all American Shīʾī Muslim organizations and local centers that join the National Network, the Hub is an effective means for members to share resources, exchange experiences, and benefit from services that can address common challenges and foster development for the community. 

The Mainstay Foundation hosted a one-day summit in Atlanta, GA on May 6th, 2017, as part of its Engage 2017 initiative. The summit hosted 35 American Shīʾī Muslim intellectuals and professionals from 12 states. The stated objective of Engage 2017 was to build a strategy for our community to become relevant and impactful in mainstream America, through leveraging our strengths, identifying our weaknesses, pooling our resources and tapping into our networks across the country.” 

The deliberations resulted in the idea for a platform that connects the national network of Shīʾī Muslim organizations. In August of 2017,the Mainstay Foundation made a great effort to build and introduce theHUB – a platform where American Shīʾī Muslim organizations and centers to connect, communicate, and collaborate. 

In late May 2019, the Mainstay Foundation revamped theHUB updating its presentation and style and making it easier for users to navigate through the services and products.

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