Najaf Retreat

The Najaf Retreat is an initiative that was first started in 2016 by the Mainstay Foundation. It gives an opportunity for young leaders in our communities to be exposed to the rich Islamic heritage in Iraq by visiting the Holy Shrines and connecting with scholars in the Islamic Seminary in Najaf. It also aims to: 

  • Connect the young community leaders and Muslim professionals in the West with the knowledge hub in Najaf – the centre of Islamic learning. participants engage directly with the senior-most ranking scholars of the seminary. Participants will meet and benefit from renowned scholars in the Islamic Seminary To build a deeper understanding of our heritage to help our development and strengthen our identity. 
  • Opportunity for students to learn from scholars and raise any questions and concerns. 
  • Also chance for Scholars to better understand the youth and pressing issues and challenges communities face around the world. 
  • Opportunity for youth to better understand the Howza system in Najaf in order to make a more informed decision about studying there in the future. 
  • Visitation of the Imams – visit the Holy Shrines in Najaf, Karbala, Kathmiya, and Samarra.

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