Last Friday (4/28/23) we celebrated Mainstay’s annual banquet at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center with hundreds of community supporters. It was a beautiful night that highlighted the innovation and leadership of the foundation as it continues to serve the development of Shia Muslims worldwide from its base in Dearborn, MI, USA.

The night started with welcoming remarks from the Foundation’s executive director, Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen. In addition to the many family and friends, he acknowledged the honorable scholars, community leaders, dignitaries, mayors, councilmen, and consul generals present that evening. The program was commenced with recitation of the Holy Quran by brother Karar Alammouri.

Hajj Jalal Moughania gave an impassioned speech on the Foundation’s focus on reshaping the narrative of faith as a catalyst for excellence as opposed to the age-old stigma or stagnation. Hajj Jalal empasized that Mainsaty’s uniqueness was in its framework of holistic growth (spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial and social) that sprouts from a foundation in faith and inspires success for individuals both for this life and the next. Haj Jalal ended his presentation by introducing a beautiful video production on Mainstay’s new Innovation and Leadership Center.

The video featured Strategist and Thought Leader, Sayyid H. Bahreleloom, as well as instructors Hajj Wissam Bazzi and Sayyid Ahmed Almusawi. Also in the video were respected figures in our community who are also beneficiaries and supporters of the foundation: Hajja Zenna Elhasan (General Counsel), Dr. Sajjad Zalzala (Physician), Anwar Mahmoud (RN, BSN), and Hajja Nadia Hamade (Asst. Attorney General).

After the video, Haj Khodr Hamka, Chairman of the Board, invited the attendees to not only support the foundation and invest in its work, but he made a clear request for them to invest in themselves. The Foundation invited all of its guests to register with the foundation to begin their journey of personal growth and development. In the coming days, the Foundation will be hosting these invested guests at the Innovation and Leadership Center for orientations that will commence their growth journey.

The program concluded with inviting everyone to enjoy a wholesome dinner, reciting Al-Fatiha on the souls of our dearly departed. Dinner was followed by prayers as well as the announcement of the winners of the silent auction which featured ten unique art pieces from young artists. All proceeds were generously donated to the Foundation.

If you would like to begin your personal growth journey, we invite you to register on our website today before the opportunity closes. Click here to invest in yourself.

We look forward to your success.

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