The Najaf Retreat is an initiative that was first started in 2016 by the Mainstay Foundation. It gives an opportunity for a select group of dynamic Brothers and Sisters ages 18-24 to be exposed to the rich Islamic heritage in Iraq by visiting the Holy Shrines and connecting with scholars in the Islamic Seminary in Najaf. It also aims to: 

  • Connect the young community leaders and Muslim professionals in the west with the knowledge hub in Najaf – the center of Islamic learning. Participants engage directly with the senior-most ranking scholars of the seminary. Participants will meet and benefit from renowned scholars in the Islamic Seminary to build a deeper understanding of our heritage to help our development and strengthen our identity. 
  • Opportunity for youth to better understand the Howza system in Najaf in order to make a more informed decision about studying there in the future. 
  • Opportunity for students to learn from scholars and raise any questions and concerns. 
  • An opportunity for Scholars to better understand the youth, pressing issues, and challenges communities face around the world. 
  • Visitation of the Imams (a) – visit the Holy Shrines in Najaf, Karbala, Kadhimiyah, and Samaraa.
  • Retreat takes place during the December winter break.

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