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In Their Eyes (Worldview Series)

Your living miracle has brought you this far. You are unstoppable now – so long as you nurture this insight. The present moment expands forward and backward in time. You are on a journey towards the infinite, there is no turning back. With the clarity of this moment, you can now peek into the past. You have a living miracle, you have a living guardian – even if only behind the scenes – and you have a guarded community. This awareness is a critical vision, a discerning mechanism, granting you access to the past in ways that others simply lack. If many supposedly “historical” records were influenced by tyrants, how do we tell what is true from false? Put aside petty details; I’m speaking of the core events. What about those turning points in history that govern our spiritual program today? What about the transition from chosen one to succeeding guardian and from guardian to subsequent guardian? In Their Eyes gives the reader straightforward and concise answers to these pivotal questions.

Thoughts that Give Me Life (Worldview Series)

The following thoughts are packed with life. But it is up to the reader to see for her/himself. If I could have pinpointed any thoughts more pivotal to my own life than these, I would have. Almost every, if not every, sentence in Thoughts that Give me Life addresses a condensed facet of discussion regarding one of these five key ideas. A reader unfamiliar with these discourses might not recognize it, but can rest assured that there are long conversations in between the lines. That being said, I have avoided technical and even traditional terms, and have instead attempted to cast these timeless truths in a language more akin to our times. My humble attempt has been to move from point to point in an intelligible fashion, while inviting a contemplative type of reading.

Empowered By Clarity (Worldview Series)

Empowered by Clarity is a collection of seven reflections that are key to clarity on a multitude of questions that a person faces in the voyage home. I have personally formulated my worldview and addressed objections to it in light of these fundamental principles. As simple as they may appear at face value, they have the propensity to resolve quagmires that have paralyzed even experts in their fields. Let us not forget that sometimes attention to detail keeps us from seeing the bigger picture. We may lose touch with obvious facts when we get caught up in specialization. This booklet brings to the surface what many would find to be unspoken assumptions of the sound-minded. It is a reminder and an invitation to be empowered. The coming booklets in this series will take these reflections as sound assumptions.

Your Living Miracle (Worldview Series)

When we cannot figure it out otherwise, a miracle is our proof that the person claiming to be a chosen one (or a guardian) speaks the truth. If the so-called “chosen one” is known to fall short of impeccable character and sound reasoning – based on fair standards – then such a person is not even a serious candidate. A chosen one (and a guardian as well, for that matter) is meant to be a lighthouse in word and in action, an untainted connection to the one with no need. Falling short of that purity disqualifies any potential claimant. If claimant X says [s]he is the creator of the one with no need, our sound reasoning can expose such a charlatan right off the bat. The same goes for any other with an absurd claim. Your Living Miracle is a brief analysis of our living miracle and the Last Chosen One.