The Mainstay Foundation is proud to announce the visit of His Eminence Sayyid Jafar Al-Hakim to the United States of America beginning this week, as part of the Foundation’s scholar visitation series for 2017.

His Eminence Sayyid Jafar al-Hakim is a professor of Islamic jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and philosophy in the Islamic Seminary of Najaf, Iraq. He was arrested, along with many members of his family, in May 1983 by Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime. However, he was able to continue his studies at the advanced intermediate studies (Sutooh Olya) and advanced seminars (Bahth Kharij) levels under the tutelage of scholars from the family who were imprisoned alongside him. Sayyid Jafar was able to escape from Saddam’s prison during the Gulf War, after which he found refuge in the city of Qum where he continued his studies and scholarship.

Since 2003, he has been teaching courses in jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence at the Advanced Seminars (Bahth Kharij) level. He has also taught courses and held seminars in theology, theosophy, philosophy, epistemology, and contemporary issues in Muslim thought. He studied under a number of prominent scholars, including Grand Ayatollahs Wahid al-Khorasani and Jawad al-Tabrizi, as well as Ayatollahs al-Fayyadi and al-Sanad. Sayyid Jafar was born in 1965 to a prominent religious family in Najaf, Iraq, the most prominent of whom was his late grandfather the Supreme Religious Authority Grand Ayatollah Muhsen al-Hakim.

His Eminence will be visiting communities in Washington, Detroit, Chicago, New Jersey and New York.