The purpose of this Progress Report is to provide The Mainstay Foundation with an assessment of how the grant was spent and the impact of the program the grant supported. This information is important for the foundation to continue to assess your center’s eligibility to receive grants. Furthermore, the data will be useful for our internal purposes as we strive to improve and enhance our grant providing program.

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  • Instructions for Completing Progress Report

    - The Progress Report must be completed by the project manager and submitted to the Mainstay Foundation in a timely manner.
    - It is important that you answer all questions fully. All information must be accurate and up to date, as agreed upon within the grant agreement.
    - As provided in the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement, any misleading information presented within this report, intentionally or otherwise could lead to the termination of the grant.
    - The attached expenditure template is expected to be included as part of the progress report, highlighting the use of the funds and accompanied with supporting documentation.