Human Development

Education and development permeates almost every part of the foundation’s work. Though we have several stand-alone initiatives, education and development finds its way in all that we do. One of the highlights of the Foundation’s educational development work is its dynamic seminars, classes and retreats. The topics of the sessions have ranged from technical religious education like jurisprudence to personal development and leadership courses. We have held programs in local cities as well as online through video conferencing applications. In all of these programs, our participants have taken away inspiration for self-betterment. They developed their knowledgebase, as well as their appreciation for education and scholarly work. 


The DRIVE Retreat

The D.R.I.V.E. Retreat is intended to be a fulfilling summer experience that aims to empower high school students and instill in them a sound sense of identity that will help build their self-esteem and bring a greater sense of self-worth.


The Najaf Retreat

The Najaf Retreat is an initiative that was first started in 2016 by the Mainstay Foundation. It gives an opportunity for young leaders in our communities to be exposed to the rich Islamic heritage in Iraq by visiting the Holy Shrines and connecting with scholars in the Islamic Seminary in Najaf.

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