The Mainstay Foundation is proud to announce its Muharram programming in Dearborn, MI starting Saturday, August 31st. We will be holding three nightly programs:

  • Majalis of Zainab – a sisters only program at 4:30pm at Greenfield Manor with Sr. Deena Atoui and Sr. Zainab Almosawi.
  • Never Forget – a family program at 6:30pm at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center with Haj Jalal Moughania and Mulla Ali Fadhil.
  • Mawkib Al-Abbas – a brothers only program at 9:00pm at Greenfield Manor with Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen and Sayyid Bahaa Almousawi.

To watch our programs live, click here

Hussain Service Day – On the first Saturday of the month of Muharram, take a few minutes from your day to give back. Whether it is gardening at your local mosque or church, helping the elderly, or serving meals at a soup kitchen, go out and serve your community. Join us in extending our hands to others. Like Imam Hussain(a), let us give from ourselves and be a spark of compassion to those around us. Click here for more information.

Hussaini Expressions Contest – Express your love for Imam Hussain (a) through the Hussaini Expressions Talent Competition. Categories include Presentations, Quran Recitation, General Recitation, or Art. Make your submission by September 3rd to participate in the live competition on September 8th at 10am. Click here for more information.