If we want to really know what challenges our community faces and how we can address those challenges with the proper solutions, we need data to drive our decision-making. Often our personal impressions can guide our decision-making and the way we focus on planning and providing for our community. That can lead us to misdiagnoses that will eventually waste time and resources that we simply cannot afford. That is why research is so key. Through focused research studies we can produce data that will show us where our community is suffering, or even where our community’s interests lie.

What if we got it all wrong and our impression of what the community needs is not as accurate as we thought? The way we can ensure our accuracy of pinpointing the problems and offering solutions is through data-driven assessments that can be produced with focused research studies. The Foundation has placed a great deal of time and effort into research given its deep importance for the long-term strategy of community development. Through research we can better our decision making and best service the community.