The Foundation organizes conferences and seminars for organizational leaders and stakeholders of the community to meet and discuss the most pertinent issues their communities face. Our goal is to bring centers and organizations together to connect and work with one another on common initiatives. These organizations have a platform to exchange ideas and learn from the experiences of their colleagues. The experience of leaders in Kansas City, MO can be a source of inspiration for the community in Pomona, CA, and vice versa. But these communities need a platform to network with one another and share the wealth of experience and knowledge they’ve accumulated. We facilitate these meetings for the benefit of the organizations so that they may strengthen their networks and connect with individuals they would otherwise not have an opportunity to.

In these meetings we also focus on providing organizations and centers with training and development where appropriate. The Foundation wants all organizations and institutions serving the community to be successful. There is a lot of great work being done by these organizations and they need to be supported to help serve their constituents more effectively. That is where we come in. We partner with organizations across the country in providing training and development for organizations and their leaders to better serve their communities. Through organizational best practices, standard operating procedures, and tapping into expert resources we assist organizations in their planning, programming, and growth.