“I am 43 years old. I was born and raised here, and I’m telling you that I have never understood the story of Ashura like I do now… Thank you!”

– Program Attendee, Dearborn, MI 2015

The Never Forget Campaign is near and dear to the heart of the community it started in – Dearborn, MI. The staple of the campaign, its 10-day interactive presentation during Muharram, attracts over a thousand attendees on a nightly basis – the vast majority being youth ages 13 to 19. And that is our ultimate focus – the youth.

The campaign is building a culture that effectively communicates the values of our faith to our youth in the United States. Still, persons of all ages realize the benefit of the campaign. The campaign emphasized taking pride in our identity and commemorations through distributing  flags, shirts, and wristbands to community members. Finally, it launched an initiative to build awareness of the millions visiting Karbala, Iraq by sending a team there to film and write about the Arbaeen experience – the Walk with Me to Karbala project.

  • 1000+ attendees on a nightly basis
  • 500+ flags distributed
  • 30k+ facebook followers