The Holy Prophet (s) said, Seek knowledge from the cradle to the graveIn that pursuit we realize that reading books is part and parcel to our personal development. Because of the foundation’s belief in the power of books, it has initiated nearly twenty scholarly publications, half of which are already available for purchase on Amazon. Covering topics in faith, practice, history, ethics and philosophy, the majority of these books are authored by high ranking scholars from the Islamic Seminary of Najaf. Our translation and editorial teams worked closely with the scholars to ensure the integrity and quality of each work.

Our editorial team sat down with Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Saeed Al-Hakeem in August 2015. The team listened closely to his directives as they discussed his book The Tragedy of Karbala. Let them understand our message, he said. Though his work was of the highest caliber and its meanings so deep; his message was simple – protect the faith and protect the believers.

We realized then how important it was to work on these books and make them available for English-speaking audiences in the US.