We are proud of the accomplishments of the individuals and organizations of our communities. The driving force behind all of our success is a desire to do good. As individuals and families, centers and organizations, businesses and companies – we all seek to do that noble thing. To do good. Yet, how can we do that more efficiently, productively, and in turn render the greatest impact and results for our families? We must have a vision, a strategy, a way to bring all the pieces together. That is where we come in.

Our message is simple. We want to be the organization that fills in the gaps and creates synergy between seemingly loose parts. We want to help others grow and succeed. We have made it our mission to look at the building blocks of our communities, as they are essentially made up of individuals and organizations, and commit ourselves to their growth, their advancement, their success. That is what Mainstay is about: advancing individuals, developing organizations, and building communities.

The task of creating a strategy and implementing it with so many actors and roles may seem daunting. This team has been up to the challenge. Within the span of three years, our team has collaborated with and supported dozens of organizations and centers across the nation. It has powered programs and projects that benefited thousands of families and individuals. It has made it a priority to assist communities that otherwise would have no one else to turn to in their times of need.

Four simple words sum up the initiatives through which we carry out our mission: Connect, Empower, Develop, and Innovate. Throughout our website, you will see highlights of our priority to connect with professionals and families across the nation, as well their respective organizations and centers. You will also see the numerous organizations and projects we have partnered with and empowered to success. You will appreciate our commitment to education and development through classes, retreats, and the publication of English books by scholars of the Islamic Seminary. Finally, you will learn of the innovation that the foundation has spearheaded through the power of research and creative thinking.

As an organization founded to advance and develop the individuals and organizations of our community, we pride ourselves in serving others with a strategic vision. We invite you to learn more about our work and assure you that you will find it worthy of your support.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Khodr Hamka