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The Pope Meets The Ayatollah

On March 5, 2021, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church, enters Iraq for a historic visit. As he embarks on a pilgrimage to the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq, the birthplace of Abraham, the Pope first stops in the holy city of Najaf to meet with Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani. In this timely and authoritative work, the authors provide insight into the significance of Shi’a Islam’s Marji’iyyah, led today by Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani, as a voice of peace, tolerance, and moderation in today’s world...

Lady Fatima Water Initiative

People all around the world are experiencing varying levels of water accessibility. For some, the water that flows from their sinks is clear and constant. For approximately 30% of the global population, more than 785 million people, basic water services lie out of reach. This means that often, individuals must travel long and unsafe distances to secure clean water suitable for drinking, cooking, sanitation and hygiene, and agriculture.  What Are We Doing to Solve This?  For more than a decade, the Mainstay Foundation has been a proud partner of trusted organizations in expanding access to safe water for vulnerable communities across Africa and Asia. [...]

The Holy Month of Ramadan 1442 Programs

The Mainstay Foundation is excited to announce its 2021/1442 Ramadan Program which will consist of:  Kids Story Time, Shaykh Mohammed Al-Saadi  A program tailored for kids ages 5-10 that will include reciting the Quran, reading stories, discussing lessons learned, and allow the opportunity for the kids to participate and contribute.  Starting April 14, 2021  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT  Sister Talks – Sr. Walaa Abada & Sr. Zainab Almosawi  The Holy month of Ramadan is widely known as a month of reflection. During the course, we will optimize the sense of reflection by bettering ourselves [...]

Ali: The Elixir of Love

ALI THE ELIXIR OF LOVE 4/29/2021  Nurtured in the house of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, Ali was the beloved companion to the messenger and his firm supporter in the spread of hope and virtue to all people. Alongside the valor and victories led by Ali emerged the trials and tribulations upon the freshly declared religion in the nation – threatening the unjust rulers and scheming tribes. Standing against all odds and losses came not only the strategic planning and foresight of Ali – but also his deep grace and enduring patience as his rights were taken and his heart suppressed. This historical [...]

The Engage Conference | First Session

Since 2015, The Mainstay Foundation has been organizing the annual Engage Conference for centers and organizational leaders and stakeholders of the community to meet and discuss the most pertinent issues their communities face.

The Muharram Grant

The Mainstay Foundation is blessed to launch its 1443/ 2021 Month of Muharram Grant from July 1st – July 18, 2021. Through the generous support of donors, especially The Mainstay Foundation - United Kingdom, we are able to provide this grant to assist Islamic Centers and Organizations who share our goals and objectives and are committed to servicing their local communities.

The Muharram Campaign 1443-2021

The annual Muharram program continued with the Never Forget Campaign and expanded to the Mawkib al-Abbas targeting the young adult ages 18-30, and the Majalis of Zainab targeting the girls ages 9-14. With its three different events, the foundation is building a culture that effectively communicates the values of our faith to our youth in the United States as it commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and his family and companions.

Husayn Service Day

Every Muharram, The Mainstay Foundation holds the “Hussain Service Day” event on the first Saturday of the month of Muharram. The purpose of this event is for it to be a national day of service uniting Muslims across the United States under the banner of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him), to act upon his teachings through serving and giving back to our communities.

Fostering Education Initiative

The Fostering Education Initiative seeks to empower students in underserved communities by sponsoring their private education. We believe that through education, children are able to reverse the cycle of poverty and provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Husayni Expressions

The Mainstay Foundation is proud to host a global talent competition that brings out the amazing talent and creativity from all over the world, all in the service of Imam Husayn (peace be upon him). The Husayni Expressions Competition aims to provide an effective, virtual platform to encourage and inspire the youth to utilize their creative talents to serve Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them).