The Engage 2017 Conference for American Shia Muslim Centers and Organizations was a great success. Executives and representatives from centers and organizations across the United States came to Dearborn, MI on July 22, 2017 to convene on the takeaways from the Engage 2017 Summit which took place months earlier in May in Atlanta, GA.

The Mainstay Foundation introduced a new platform for centers and organizations to utilize for their communities called the HUB. The HUB is a platform for American Shia Muslim organizations and centers to connect, communicate, and collaborate. As part of the Foundation’s mission to build a strong national network, this online platform will serve as a mechanism to facilitate and manage the National Network. Open for all American Shia Muslim organizations and local centers who join the National Network, the hub will be an effective means for members to share resources and exchange experiences that can address common challenges and foster development for the community. 

In addition, conveners worked together in breakout sessions to address three main questions: 1) What are the top issues of concern to be addressed by the national network? 2) What type of platforms would be most effective to solicit the community’s feedback in addressing these issues? 3) How do we get community buy-in to help address these issues through these platforms. Conveners resumed in the main plenary session and shared their findings with the rest of the group. The day ended with a visit to the Islamic Center of America where the group was hosted for dinner and prayers.