“I was honored to serve as a guest speaker at Mainstay’s Engage 2016 Summit… We shared ideas and strategies with some of the brightest intellects in the US.”

– Zenna Elhasan, Corporate Counsel, Wayne County, MI

Success is characteristic of many of the individuals in our communities. We want to make those individual successes translate into collective influence. In February 2016, we gathered over 50 professionals and scholars from around the country to convene in a one-day summit in Washington, DC as part of the Engage Initiative. This project is tasked with identifying the challenges our communities face, as well as the tools needed to collectively protect our rights and advance our interests as a community. The buy-in and support was overwhelming. The initiative went on to host national community leaders in a conference held in Detroit, MI in July 2016.

In organizing the initiative, the Foundation made it a priority to consult and involve scholars, professionals, and entrepreneurs, as each is a unique stakeholder in our community’s civic engagement. The summit showed the valuable insights of each individual as they brought their experience as well as their community’s experiences with them to the table.

  • 100+ professionals
  • 120+ organizations invited to conference