Scholar Visitations

Maintaining a strong relationship with the scholars of the Islamic Seminary is vital to our work. In addition to the retreats we hold in Najaf, taking professionals and students to visit and engage with the Islamic Seminary, we invite and host the scholars themselves to visit the United States. During these visits, the foundation facilitates programs with centers, universities and other organizations whereby the scholars speak to members of the Muslim and non-Muslim community. We found this sort of engagement to be essential for both parties, as dialogue helps to overcome misunderstandings and preconceived notions about the faith.

We take pride in connecting the community with the scholars of the Islamic seminary and strive to strengthen that relationship through our programming. By building that relationship we are able to seek their guidance and keep them updated on the work and progress of the community. This has been mutually acknowledged as an essential program, both by the seminary and members of our community. People need to stay connected, especially with those that they derive their spiritual and religious guidance from. The foundation is a means to facilitate that communication and bridge the gaps that exist between the community and the seminary.  

  • Sayyid Ali Al-Hakeem
  • Sayyid Jafar Al-Hakeem
  • Sayyid Ali Al-Qadi
  • Sheikh Jihad Al-Asadi