Your Living Miracle (Worldview Series)
Series: Mainstay Publication
Tag: Worldview Series
Publisher: The Mainstay Foundation
Publication Year: August 28, 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 64 pages
ASIN: 1943393389
ISBN: 1943393389
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About the Book

When we cannot figure it out otherwise, a miracle is our proof that the person claiming to be a chosen one (or a guardian) speaks the truth. If the so-called “chosen one” is known to fall short of impeccable character and sound reasoning – based on fair standards – then such a person is not even a serious candidate. A chosen one (and a guardian as well, for that matter) is meant to be a lighthouse in word and in action, an untainted connection to the one with no need. Falling short of that purity disqualifies any potential claimant. If claimant X says [s]he is the creator of the one with no need, our sound reasoning can expose such a charlatan right off the bat. The same goes for any other with an absurd claim. Your Living Miracle is a brief analysis of our living miracle and the Last Chosen One.

About the Author
Ali Naji

Ali Naji is a student at the Islamic Seminary of the Holy City of Najaf, Iraq. He holds degrees in the sciences and humanities from top-tier universities in the United States.

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