Leadership and Development
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Series: Mainstay Publication
Tags: Development, Leadership
Publisher: The Mainstay Foundation
Publication Year: September 21, 2017
Format: Paperback
ASIN: 00000000
ISBN: 9781943393541

Leadership and Development

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About the Book

Islam looks at the idea of human development as a continuous movement through the lifetime of a human being. Development serves the purpose of man in his strive for excellence and perfection. It is part and parcel to the life of a Muslim and naturally should be a driving force in the life of every human being. Without acknowledging it, learning how to use it, and incorporating it in one’s life, there is surely something missing. Human development is the gateway to excellent leadership, whether it is in one’s home, organization, or community. The concepts of leadership and development go hand in hand, as shown to us by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and his immaculate disciples. This book shows us how they stressed a lifestyle of leadership through development and how one can attain their own personal excellence. Islam emphasizes that human development is meant for, and is driven by, individuals, because of their dynamic personalities, ever increasing body of knowledge, and endless potential. Development is an incentive for diligence, persistence, excellence, precision, and other facets of growth. It is comprehensive growth that affects and is effected by the movement of society. Consequently, human development is not novel in Islam, although it was not coined as a term of art until recent history.

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