In Their Eyes (Worldview Series)
Series: Mainstay Publication
Tag: Worldview Series
Publisher: The Mainstay Foundation
Publication Year: August 28, 2018
Format: paperback
Length: 114
ASIN: 1943393397
ISBN: 1943393397
About the Book

Your living miracle has brought you this far. You are unstoppable now – so long as you nurture this insight. The present moment expands forward and backward in time. You are on a journey towards the infinite, there is no turning back. With the clarity of this moment, you can now peek into the past. You have a living miracle, you have a living guardian – even if only behind the scenes – and you have a guarded community. This awareness is a critical vision, a discerning mechanism, granting you access to the past in ways that others simply lack. If many supposedly “historical” records were influenced by tyrants, how do we tell what is true from false? Put aside petty details; I’m speaking of the core events. What about those turning points in history that govern our spiritual program today? What about the transition from chosen one to succeeding guardian and from guardian to subsequent guardian? In Their Eyes gives the reader straightforward and concise answers to these pivotal questions.

About the Author
Ali Naji

Ali Naji is a student at the Islamic Seminary of the Holy City of Najaf, Iraq. He holds degrees in the sciences and humanities from top-tier universities in the United States.

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