Empowered By Clarity (Worldview Series)
Series: Mainstay Publication
Tag: Worldview Series
Publisher: The Mainstay Foundation
Publication Year: August 28, 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 56 Pages
ASIN: 1943393362
ISBN: 1943393362
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About the Book

Empowered by Clarity is a collection of seven reflections that are key to clarity on a multitude of questions that a person faces in the voyage home. I have personally formulated my worldview and addressed objections to it in light of these fundamental principles. As simple as they may appear at face value, they have the propensity to resolve quagmires that have paralyzed even experts in their fields. Let us not forget that sometimes attention to detail keeps us from seeing the bigger picture. We may lose touch with obvious facts when we get caught up in specialization. This booklet brings to the surface what many would find to be unspoken assumptions of the sound-minded. It is a reminder and an invitation to be empowered. The coming booklets in this series will take these reflections as sound assumptions.

About the Author
Ali Naji

Ali Naji is a student at the Islamic Seminary of the Holy City of Najaf, Iraq. He holds degrees in the sciences and humanities from top-tier universities in the United States.

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