At this Tuesday’s Biweekly we held a Poetry Slam celebrating the life of Imam Ali (a) through the poems of our young poets. The evening began with Quranic recitation by Br. Youssef Beydoun and Dua Tawassul by Br. Hadee Samhat. A big thank you to all the poets who participated namely: Ali Bazzi, Younis Makki, Muntathar Alsheeblawy, Israa Ghazi, Mohammedridha Al-Dulaimi, and Rusul Alhucheimi. Congratulations to Br. Younis Makki for being selected as the winner of the Poetry Slam with his poem titled “God’s Namesake”. We are so proud of all our young poets, thank you again for having the courage and enthusiasm to share your love of the Imam with us all. The program concluded with group prayers led by Shaykh Mohammed Alsaadi, a short reflection by the Shaykh on an experience during Imam Ali’s (a) life, and a delicious putlock dinner.‬ ‪Join us at the next Biweekly on Tuesday April 2nd.