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Experience Ziyara – 2023


Introduction Whether it is your first time or tenth, experiencing Ziyara with Mainstay is one of a kind. Join us for a spiritual retreat in Iraq — the Cradle of Civilization and the Home of the Shrine Cities: Najaf, Karbala, Kadhimiya and Samarra. We are committed to having everyone who joins to not only leave spiritually uplifted in their journey to the shrine cities, but to come away with a greater understanding of their faith. This is guaranteed through English guides and programming to allow all who participate to learn in the language they understand best. Experience Ziyara — not [...]

Experience Ziyara – 20232023-09-06T15:59:08-04:00

Husayn Service Day 2023


Introduction Husayn Service Day (Saturday, July 22th, 2023) is a national day of service in honor of the legacy of Imam Husayn (a). For the 6th year in a row, we are coming together to give back to our communities. This national day of service honors the teachings of Imam Husayn through acts of service and giving back. Whether it is gardening at your local mosque or church, helping the elderly, donating blood, or serving meals at a soup kitchen, we invite you to go out and serve your community. Join us in extending our hands to others. Like Imam [...]

Husayn Service Day 20232023-07-08T13:53:04-04:00

Husayni Expressions 2023


Introduction Building on the success of the Husayni Expressions Competition over the last five years, The Mainstay Foundation is proud to continue this effort and host a national competition that will bring out amazing talent and creativity all in the service of Imam Husayn (as). In its enhanced format, the Husayni Expressions Competition aims to provide an effective platform to encourage and inspire the youth to utilize their creative talents to serve The Ahlulbayt (as). Be it a poem, portrait, latmiya, video presentation, or any other form of creativity, it is through our expressions that we propagate the undying message of [...]

Husayni Expressions 20232023-07-10T12:33:34-04:00

Book Event: This My Love Isn’t Goodbye


We are excited to announce that we will be holding a book talk and signing with author Paul McCoy on his published book, 'This My Love Isn't Goodbye'. Seating is limited so please RSVP to reserve your seat and join us on Friday, July 14th, 2023 at 7 p.m. at The Mainstay Foundation's Innovation and Leadership Center. "In search of truth, little did I anticipate that my journey would take me from Georgia, across oceans, all the way to the Fertile Crescent. Working through the misconceptions of the region, Iraq was transformed in my heart to a place of [...]

Book Event: This My Love Isn’t Goodbye2023-06-20T11:39:47-04:00

Rolling Into Eid


Join us in celebrating Eid Al-Adha on Sunday, July 2nd, 2023 at 12pm at United Skates of America! Guaranteed to have a blast for females of ALL ages! Best part is, your ticket includes all activities for FREE! registration today!

Rolling Into Eid2023-06-08T17:33:10-04:00

Mainstay’s Banquet Dinner: A Huge Success


Last Friday (4/28/23) we celebrated Mainstay’s annual banquet at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center with hundreds of community supporters. It was a beautiful night that highlighted the innovation and leadership of the foundation as it continues to serve the development of Shia Muslims worldwide from its base in Dearborn, MI, USA. The night started with welcoming remarks from the Foundation’s executive director, Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen. In addition to the many family and friends, he acknowledged the honorable scholars, community leaders, dignitaries, mayors, councilmen, and consul generals present that evening. The program was commenced with recitation of the Holy Quran by [...]

Mainstay’s Banquet Dinner: A Huge Success2023-05-04T14:05:44-04:00

Journey to Self-Growth (4)


 You will learn about emotional intelligence and its relation to self growth.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and use one’s emotions to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been observed that individuals with weak emotional intelligence encounter challenges in managing stress.    You will be provided with a series of monthly workshops focusing on self-growth through implementation of emotional intelligence skills: self awareness, empathy, motivation, social skills, and emotional regulation. Each monthly course will examine the relevance of a specific component in a woman's life by providing daily practical tools for improved mental health.  This event [...]

Journey to Self-Growth (4)2023-03-21T23:11:40-04:00

Understanding Self-Confidence


This class will help you with escaping the mental cage you have created for yourself and take control of your life today. This class will teach you how to take over your negative mindset and dominate it. You will begin to understand what it takes to believe in your own decision-making ability and to trust it. I know how distressing it feels not to believe in yourself and how upsetting it is to try to find your way at the time life beats you to the ground with challenges that can overwhelm you. Escape the mental cage and take [...]

Understanding Self-Confidence2023-02-28T17:02:22-05:00

Introduction to Speaking


Are you intimidated by public speaking? Is your fear of communicating to groups of people limiting your growth and opportunity? This course will help you build the skills and awareness to overcome that. Most people are intimidated by public speaking. In fact, according to an American study, 75% of people fear public speaking more than they fear death! Perhaps it has a lot more to do with the psychology of communication then it does with the act speaking.   In this program, you will learn about and delve into strategies and tools of effective communication and how one can tackle [...]

Introduction to Speaking2023-02-28T17:59:19-05:00
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