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Journey to Self-Growth (4)


 You will learn about emotional intelligence and its relation to self growth.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and use one’s emotions to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been observed that individuals with weak emotional intelligence encounter challenges in managing stress.    You will be provided with a series of monthly workshops focusing on self-growth through implementation of emotional intelligence skills: self awareness, empathy, motivation, social skills, and emotional regulation. Each monthly course will examine the relevance of a specific component in a woman's life by providing daily practical tools for improved mental health.  This event [...]

Journey to Self-Growth (4)2023-03-21T23:11:40-04:00

Understanding Self-Confidence


This class will help you with escaping the mental cage you have created for yourself and take control of your life today. This class will teach you how to take over your negative mindset and dominate it. You will begin to understand what it takes to believe in your own decision-making ability and to trust it. I know how distressing it feels not to believe in yourself and how upsetting it is to try to find your way at the time life beats you to the ground with challenges that can overwhelm you. Escape the mental cage and take [...]

Understanding Self-Confidence2023-02-28T17:02:22-05:00

Introduction to Speaking


Are you intimidated by public speaking? Is your fear of communicating to groups of people limiting your growth and opportunity? This course will help you build the skills and awareness to overcome that. Most people are intimidated by public speaking. In fact, according to an American study, 75% of people fear public speaking more than they fear death! Perhaps it has a lot more to do with the psychology of communication then it does with the act speaking.   In this program, you will learn about and delve into strategies and tools of effective communication and how one can tackle [...]

Introduction to Speaking2023-02-28T17:59:19-05:00

Innovation & Leadership Banquet


Join us for Mainstay’s Innovation & Leadership Banquet Dinner. We are celebrating the Foundation’s commitment to innovation in service and developing the leaders of tomorrow. The dinner will take place on April 28th at 7PM at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center in Dearborn, MI. Sponsor the event and purchase your tables/tickets below

Innovation & Leadership Banquet2023-02-27T22:12:35-05:00

Month of Ramadan – Prep Workshop


This workshop will cover most of the laws associated with the Month of Ramadan. Participants will learn about the laws governing the month of Ramadan, particularly the laws of fasting, traveling, and charity. Some of these laws are complex, but this workshop will make them accessible to all. Every Muslim should take this course. The fast of Ramadan is an essential part of being Muslim, so everyone needs to learn the rules that govern it. Even veteran fasters will benefit from this workshop as a review and a way to deepen their understanding. Shaykh Rizwan Arastu is [...]

Month of Ramadan – Prep Workshop2023-02-28T17:19:57-05:00

Setting Healthy Boundaries


The concept of setting healthy boundaries may be foreign for many of us. This session will help participants learn about individual needs and balancing these needs with cultural and religious expectations in order to maximize one's potential and improve mental health. Students will learn how to set healthy boundaries and have more realistic expectations of themselves. They will also learn how to help others understand them and their needs, as well as their limits. Anyone 17 and older can benefit from this session. Sayyid Ahmed Almusawi is a licensed mental health counselor who holds a master’s degree [...]

Setting Healthy Boundaries2023-02-28T17:19:18-05:00

2023 – DRIVE Retreat


The DRIVE Retreat is intended to be a fulfilling summer experience that aims to empower high school students and instill in them a sound sense of identity that will help build their self-esteem and bring a greater sense of self-worth. The retreat centers on personal and spiritual development, providing essential lectures, workshops, and activities that aim to empower and inspire teens. Learning will be reinforced with team building exercises and interactive engagement with vetted mentors. Through deep insightful lecturing, wholesome physical activity, and engaging social gatherings, the retreat aspires to achieve a harmonious balance of physical, mental, and emotional advancement, [...]

2023 – DRIVE Retreat2023-02-27T22:48:50-05:00

Wills, Trusts, & Planning for Muslim Families


What is an Islamic will and how should a Muslim utilize the legal system in order to plan for this world and the next. This workshop will allow participants to understand the concepts of wills, trusts, and planning, from both a legal and an Islamic point of view. The workshop will cover the concept of Islamic wills and whether or not they become obligatory for the individual. The workshop will also discuss the rules, practices, and ethics of writing an Islamic will. The workshop will also cover the Islamic system of inheritance as outlined in the verses of the [...]

Wills, Trusts, & Planning for Muslim Families2023-02-28T21:32:48-05:00

Marjaeya: A Candid Conversation


This course will help you with understanding the principles at stake and the driving forces that guide the Marjaeya to guide others. It provides an insider's perspective on the most pressing questions of this institution and its history. Students will learn about the topic of Marjaeya, the source of religious authority and guidance for Shia Muslims. The discourse will be guided by the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakeem's book, "The Marjaeya: A Candid Conversation". This book, and the course, will allow readers to deepen their understanding of the principles at stake and the driving forces that guide [...]

Marjaeya: A Candid Conversation2023-02-28T17:19:09-05:00
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