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09/26/2017 | We are proud of the accomplishments of the individuals and organizations of our communities. The driving force behind all of our success… READ MORE


1st BOOK RELEASE 09/22/2017

Social Affairs As human beings we long for bonding with our fellow human beings. It is part of our nature to live and coexist with one another. Building relationships of mutual benefit is part and parcel to human tradition. We cannot exist without one another. From the institution of marriage and raising a family to engaging in trade and general…  READ MORE


The Holy Quran Workshop This segment will focus on the importance of keeping the Qur’an a central element in our lives, offering practical ways for one to incorporate the Quran.  Clearing misconceptions when approaching the Quran.  Mentioning different avenues and approaches. READ MORE

2nd BOOK RELEASE 09/23/2017 

Understanding Karbala “Surely, whoever follows me will be martyred. Whoever does not follow me will not witness the Triumph.” These were some of Imam Hussain’s last words before leaving Medina. He set out from Medina towards Kufa, and ultimately to Karbala, knowing the great sacrifice that he would make. He foretold of his fate and knew that his movement will only …   READ MORE

SEPTEMBER 21st – OCTOBER st, 2017

Never Forget Ashura Program The Mainstay Foundation is proud to host another year of the Never Forget Ashura Program at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center in Dearborn, MI. This program has been dedicated for the English speaking audi …  READ MORE

ENDS OCTOBER 1st, 2017

We need 500 people @ $100.00 each, why? Your contribution will go to support these projects: Grants for Programs/Majalis (lectures) of Imam Hussain in communities across the United States of America, Providing Speakers for English Majalis (lectures) through Mainstay’s Speakers Bureau … READ MORE

3rd BOOK RELEASE 09/25/2017

Leadership & Development Islam looks at the idea of human development as a continuous movement through the lifetime of a human being. Development serves the purpose of man in his strive for excellence and perfection. It is part and parcel to the life of a Muslim and naturally should be a driving force in the life of every human being. Without acknowledging it, learning how to use it, and incorporating it in one’s life, there is… READ MORE


Hussaini Expressions Contest This year’s Hussaini Expressions Contest was a great successs. Building on the success of the Hussaini Expressions Contest the last few years, the Never Forget Campaign is proud to take this effort to the next level and host a live contest that will bring out the amazing talent and creativity in our community, all in the service of Imam Hussain (as). In its enhanced format, the Hussaini Expressions Contest aims to provide an effective platform to encourage and inspire the youth to utilize their creative talents to serve Ahlulbayt (as)… READ MORE

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